Thursday, March 18, 2021

Antonia Lovejoy ~ What simply is


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Antonia Lovejoy (excerpt from YouTube video)

Antonia is among those who speak about this message the way it is seemingly seen here.
Most are simply talking about a way of seeing life as a person who comes to realize certain beliefs, one of them being that they can replace their limited personal self with a belief in having some true nature as something called awareness (sometimes consciousness, the absolute, and even more egotistically, God).
They speak as if this is about a person who has become something or realized something, and then prescribe things for seekers to do to try to reach this same seeming “state.”
Sometimes the confusion is simply the limitation of language, as there is no accurate way for words to describe what this is like.
And since it is hardly the end of the body or character, it sometimes sounds like some speakers are saying” I am not here and am talking to no one,” when they nonetheless collected a donation to attend their talk.
But when this message is clearly spoken, as Antonia relates it here, it is in fact too simple for the “me,” the separate self, to grasp.
It is quite simply the very end of there being anyone separate from life itself, from all that appears, who is able to do or become any thing at all.
All concepts, all beliefs, all ideas about what you are dissolve into what simply is, which paradoxically is not about finding some deeper, ultimately true realm, but is simply this---life just as it is when separation is seen as illusory.
And in that, even seeing separation and a speaker claiming to be Awareness, God or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, is only one more thread of an inseparable tapestry that is ultimately threadless. 

The text here is from ❤ Miranda



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