Monday, August 17, 2020

Jim Carrey - Beyond personality



"Everyone is saying Jim Carrey has gone insane, I'm not surprised.
Consciousness has always been regarded as madness.
They'd rather see me being a rich arrogant prick.
I’ve often said that I wished people could realize
all their dreams of wealth and fame, so they could see
that it’s not where you’ll find your sense of completion.
I don’t believe in icons, I don’t believe in personalities,
I believe that peace lies beyond personality and disguise,
beyond the red S on your chest that makes bullets bounce off.
I believe that it’s deeper than that.
I believe we’re a field of energy dancing for itself." 



  1. Awesome! Deconstructing the character that we play... Love it! - including the "spiritual character", the "self-image" that we have created :) That certainly is exhausting too and requires deep rest... Love the Art!
    Thank you! _/\_