Saturday, March 24, 2018

Anita Avent - Glimpsing perfection

 I kiss the lips of oblivion and my name is abyss.
So deeply washed as this mystery I cannot comprehend
or explain how
I've awakened as an endless swoosh of the cosmos through my heart.

The ideas and beliefs conjured as imaginary Anita seem so selfish and small now as seamless emptiness
breathes the body and dances the music of radiant pulsing energies
complete with impersonal thoughts and images for seeing what is here now.

No where and no one to be and no thing to be or do as this imaginary symphony
of lights and sounds and yet
just for this precious moment,
an intimate view of limitless infinity...... and then it's gone......beyond gone
as flow-less flow, as perfection, a whisper of blissful not knowing, not being,
and yet being and knowing this is all there ever is,
or could be, as this appearance dissolves
as the vastness of oblivion.

Beginning and ending finally unite and ignite a flicker as this moment.
A thorn of loving loss as they spark union and disappear as the edgeless edge.
Such sweet sorrow and joy for the momentary gift of unicity when all distinctions are seen
as false and the fullness of aware emptiness is all there is.

Oh sweet sailor of the vastness......lover of tides, winds, and deep oceans.......
let go and surrender your heart and head in personal destruction
 to the ravages of the deep
and death, to the thin shadows of bravery peering towards dawn
offering herself fully to the sun.

Let go and breathe the last breath of surrender while falling deeply and
swiftly as silent emptiness where fear and suffering await your personal death.
Be still and offer your personal treasures to the dark.
Laugh at your insanity of believing, naming, and charting a personal you apart from infinity.

And as you seek to find what you never lost,
and then see what you have always been,
just let go into death and give thanks for the infinite swirling
edgeless possibilities of appearing
as an instantaneous imaginary being....
beholding the amazing grace of raw wonder
and loss for this tiny glimpse of perfection.

Copyright (c) 2012-2018 - All rights Reserved - Nonduality/Anita Avent - Raleigh, NC, USA


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