Saturday, October 17, 2015

Marguerite Porete - How Truth Praises Such Souls

Truth praises those who are such, and she says:

O emerald and precious gem,
True diamond, queen and empress,
You give everything from your fine nobility,
Without asking from Love her riches,
Except the willing of her divine pleasure.
Thus is this right by righteousness,
For it is the true path
of Fine Love, whoever wishes to remain on it.
O deepest spring and fountain sealed,
Where the sun is subtly hidden,
You send your rays, says Truth, through divine knowledge;
We know it through true Wisdom:
Her splendor makes us completely luminous.


O Truth, says this Soul, for God's sake, do not say
That of myself I might ever say something of Him,
Save through Him;
And this is true, do not doubt it,
I was never lady by myself in this.
And if it pleases you to know whose I am,
I will say it through pure courtesy:
Love holds me so completely in her domain,
That I have neither sense, nor will,
Nor reason to do anything,
Except through her, as you know.

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