Monday, June 29, 2020

Jiddu Krishnamurti - The consciousness of mankind

"Your consciousness is the consciousness of mankind. If that is the truth to you, not an idea, then what takes place? One has lived as an individual, fighting, struggling to express oneself, demanding – you follow? – as a limited, contained, narrow individual. And it is very, very difficult to see the truth that you are the rest of mankind, that in you is the whole of man and therefore his fears, his anxieties, his mischief, his arrogance, his pride, his violence, all that, and his sorrow. And mankind has lived with this sorrow. We have accepted sorrow as part of life, and if we don't accept it we run away from it through every form of entertainment, religious and otherwise. Or we personify this sorrow into an image, which the Christians have done, and think they have solved this problem.

You are the sorrow of mankind. Do you understand? What an enormous perception that is, if you see it. That your sorrow is not yours. Then you don't cry. Then you don't shed tears about your little wounds, your little failures, your little anxieties, and so on. But when you realise you are the representative of all mankind it brings about an enormous sense of vitality, energy. It is only when you are thinking about yourself, your sorrow, that vast energy is limited into a small little channel, and it becomes rather dirty.

Now, is it possible for sorrow to end? If there is an ending in one human being – please go with me for a little while – if there is the ending of sorrow in one human being, who is the representative of all humanity, that ending affects the consciousness of mankind. Do you understand?

Stalin has affected the whole consciousness of man; Hitler, and all the rest of those world people – national people. Through the priest, the idea of Jesus Christ has affected mankind. Right? You will accept that more easily. So when there is a fundamental ending of sorrow in a human being who is the representative of all humanity, then that brings about an action in the totality of mankind – I wonder if I am making this clear? Capito? Do you see the truth of this, the fact of this?"

Public Talk 6 – Saanen, Switzerland, 1978


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