Saturday, February 1, 2020

Sukhvinder Sircar - A place beyond explanations

She's discovering the elixir of immortality through dying to her old spirituality.

She's giving up her loyalties to her long held spiritual beliefs ~ its no longer a sacrilege ~ on the contrary, it would be a sacrilege to dishonor the voice of spirit that is speaking through her.

She's able to truly die to the old that taught that she was lesser. There is a shattering, a collapse, a breakdown of old structures within her. Strangely, she's unperturbed through it all. She's sitting in the eye of the storm.

She's slipping into a relaxation about her existence and the goodness if it. She's entering a place beyond explanations, justifications & apologies. She's feeling deeply validated just by BEING. Her trust in her own voice is deepening. Its ok if the world is not agreeing with her ~ yet.

She is soothed by her spirit whispering to her that she is holy. She's moving to a space where human and divine mean the same thing.

She's simply reaching the new place before the rest. And she's leaving her footprints in the sand. ॐ


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