Sunday, September 8, 2019

Ajit Sripad Rao Nalkur - Presence

art  Rassouli

 The mighty pen is a poet's ultimate security.
He need hold on to nothing but a pen,
And even if he loses it and the waves wash it away
He yet stands upon the shifting sands of time.,
Gazing upon the Beloved just above the horizon,
Looking back at him, surveying with her all- surrounding heart
The landscape of his thoughts and emotions,
Bathing him with the ocean of her soul,
Eyes fixed firmly on the resulting silence
Of his mind merging with hers,. his heart,
Soul and body flowing towards hers,
The earth simply a playground of their love ...
Speechless, theirs is a language only they understand
Without effort, without the need to hold on to anything,
Intense the clasp of this cosmic union,
Electric the fusion of two forms in the formless.,
Beauty absolute the spark falling to earth,
Blanketing the stars by night and the blue skies by day.
An otherworldly vision of the Two-in-One
As the soul of all that is, the Love bringing
Heaven to the earth in a constant flow of grace,
Is this presence, unseen and seen, of nature's true face.


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