Friday, May 17, 2019

Yolande Duran - Silence (3)

" I'm alive like never and I'm dead, at the same time.
This is a surprisingly present absence.
To live everything in peace, I fell into a deep astonishment and I left myself to do, more and more, more and more deeply.
This silence prevents you from recreating yourself at every moment, to interfere, to think, to project, to secrete this filter of the mind.
You feel more than you think.
The agitation remains on the outside. On the inside, everything remains quiet.
No waste of energy. The fact of perceiving things from another point of view, not from me but from silence, breeds great tranquility, a great presence that nothing can disturb. So a great efficiency. The old reflex to identify with one's  thoughts is immediately swept away.
That energy loss that was before comes from the identification with this agitation. We believe in our thoughts. We're involved, agree, don't agree, anxious, reactive. We want, we don't want to, we plan, we evaluate. We're actor of the movie.
Here we are a spectator. We see the unfolding: the one from the outside: the people, the events that pass and that of the inside: the thoughts, the emotions that pass too, the same way.
There is not a "I" to say I am that thought, I am that emotion.
There is no challenge.
And then, there is this flavor of silence... a sweetness that is there, continuously.
There is no more that voice that judge you, condemns you, submits you, that exhaust you.
There is no more that suffering, those thoughts that command you to exist.
And even if, from time to time, a thought appears, it's so sweet...
She makes you light.
There is no separation.
Everything is in fusion with everything else. My body, my feeling, is what's closer, but it's fused with everything else. It's in the background.
This constant presence prevents you from falling into the trap of complicity with your own thoughts... so even less with those of others. What is going to be done, in the moment, will be, will be said, but it will not be the result of a knowledge, an understanding.
It's that silence that knows. It is the one who's doing it. You let this fluidity act.
It was always here, even when you didn't perceive it.
It is here before everything that can appear at every moment.
It is the one who allows you to live what is.
You don't need to think your life.
It is this presence that allows the world to appear.
Everything that appears, everything that exists is there only because this silence is here "


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