Saturday, April 27, 2019

Sandy Jones - Sailing

I’ve been sailing into the deep blue waters and soaring on the wings of Joy. I really do love this freedom. It is freedom from fear, that’s liberation and dominion. I came to this new land while i was wandering out there in the wild and wet of the divine. I found some exotic treasures for you and I heard some wonderful stories of love. I stood on the shore trying to paint all this enchantment that was before me, within me, surrounding me. The love filled my heart and poured out into a kaleidoscope of tangible brilliance dripping slowly into ten thousand changing colors of sound. They whispered softly of this foreverness that sings in harmony with eternity and Light. This Light that shines in your eyes, shines as this endless beauty of Life. Heaven, I woke up in the most divine feeing of love. Life, this is it, free, natural, unbound, unworried, without guilt. Yes, this it is heaven, we are here, here it is, and it shines all the way to forever.

I will slip a little love note into your heart, a simple note which will read, “It makes no difference, all is well,” as I sail away on this infinite mystery and beauty that has found me – sail away –


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