Thursday, February 28, 2019

Chuck Surface - And the desert bloomed

 There was a time when I found myself,
In a Desert where the Dark Night lingered,
And it seemed that the Sun of Hope,
Had set for all eternity.

Despair became for me, the very blood,
That coursed through the veins of my Being,
Hopelessness, the air that I breathed,
Desolation... simply what it felt like to be alive.

The ashes of faith had long blown away,
In arid Winds of Abandonment and Isolation,
And it seemed with a certainty absolute,
That prayers echoed unheard, in Emptiness.

Until one day, at last, Falling where I stood,
I searched through the Ruins of myself,
To find a shard, a crumb, a drop... anything,
That Desolation might have left to me.

And I found, still Glimmering in the ashes,
The flickering Ember of Love’s Longing,
That had sent me Journeying, so long ago,
In the quest for its Fulfillment.

A Jewel still Sparkling in that Darkness,
A Tear having withstood the fires of Hell,
A Blessing Remaining, when it seemed,
All Blessings were no more.

Longing had endured, when all hope was lost,
Longing remained, in the ashes of faith,
Longing Shone in that unending Darkness,
Longing alone remained to me.

Longing for Love not born of cause or condition,
A Love for which no opposite existed,
A Love that Shone before this Dream of dualities,
In the Heaven of nonexistent Existence.

Holding to my Heart that Jewel of Longing,
Left behind by the Thief of belief and faith,
It was revealed that the Ravager was none other,
Than The Beloved, The Beautiful, The Merciful.

The very Love I had Longed for had driven me,
To the Charnel House of knowledge, belief and faith,
Where the Conflagration of Love‘s Fierce Flames,
Had Consumed all that It was not.

In the Ashes, I found the Blessing of Poverty,
For having Nothing, Love’s Treasure was Revealed,
Being Nothing, I Existed without existing,
And as the Rains of Heaven began to Fall...

The Desert began to Bloom.

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