Thursday, August 2, 2018

Wu Hsin - All of it occurs spontaneously

The Great Hall is full as we await his arrival. Master begins:

Suppose someone is one hundred years of age. It has been one hundred
years of becoming; becoming this, becoming that.
But these becomings, these movements from infant to adolescent to adult
to old man are changes appearing in the changeless.
Becoming is always of what one is not, it is always a movement away
from, a fractionalization of, what one is.
Let us not preoccupy ourselves with becoming. Let us stay here, be here,

Let us now return to the silence for a time.

Master Wu Hsin continued:

It is, in a way, perverse that there is so little to really discuss.
All there is, is being and the knowledge of being. This is irrefutable.
The discussion should end here because all else is conceptual and can be
argued endlessly.
Yet, we continue talking.
What must be made clear is that the brain is an object. As such, anything
resulting from brain activity cannot be subjective.
The subjective, the Single Subject, therefore remains elusive.
Let us now return to the silence for a time.

Master Wu Hsin continued:

One need not make any effort to be, to see, to taste, to smell, etc. All of it
occurs spontaneously.
Likewise, that which is seen, tasted, and smelled also arises and sets
spontaneously. The day begins spontaneously and ends spontaneously.
You don't will yourself to sleep or to awaken.
So, who is doing anything?
Where is the need for various practices in order to become what you
already are? See it, then be It.

Ponder this; more tomorrow.

from Behind the mind


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