Thursday, May 10, 2018

Georgi Y. Johnson - When sorrow comes

When our jaws are grinding, our fists are clenched, our skin allergic and feelings are aching with pain, relaxation is what we yearn for. But when we are able to relax, into what are we relaxing?

Are we relaxing into the contracted flesh or the hard-wired nervous system?

Are we relaxing into the tired muscles of our aching legs?

The mind could tell us so, but it’s not so.

We are relaxing into space. We relax into the space around the body as a finer home, a sanctuary, a peaceful, loving, unbounded dimension of rejuvenation.

The mind relaxes into the spaciousness of silence. The heart relaxes into the stillness between all possible feelings. The body relaxes into the empty simplicity of gravity.

This relaxation, in which the space inside and the space outside become one, opens the doors to freedom. We loosen up, we can allow many perspectives, we can allow the rhythms of the body to realign with the rhythms of the universe.

This empty space. on which all of us depend, is not empty. It is a source of pure potentiality. It doesn’t judge and it never rejects. All forms are home to it, just as it is at home in all forms.

So feel the freedom to unfurl the stressed feeling of grief or sorrow into the loving space around you. Let there be space before it, after it, around it and within it. Let it be ever so gently caressed through the soft touch of space; let it be heard by the ever receptive listener of eternity; and let it be held, like a new born baby, in the peaceful arms of infinity.


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