Saturday, May 12, 2018

Chuck Surface - The great robbery

 The Beloved broke in while I slept,
And wherever in this House She found,
Knowledge, belief, and certitude,
She stole them, quietly, deftly,
Leaving Wonder where they had been.

The mind deemed this robbery a tragedy,
And ran, frantically, to check those places,
Where its treasures had been displayed,
Only to find, in their place, Great Mysteries,
Gifts of Love, from the Divine Thief.

The Heart deemed the robbery fantastic,
And cause for the greatest celebration,
Running, straightaway, to The Tavern,
Where, in the company of The Thief,
Its Cup of Longing was Filled with Her Wine.

And in time the mind came ‘round,
And resigned at last to Poverty,
Joined the Jubilant Heart at The Bar,
Drinking all The Beautiful One would pour,
Into its now Empty Cup.

And together they reveled, Heart and Mind,
In the Great Gift the Robbery had bestowed,
The Divine Idiocy of Direct Experience,
Before words and concepts arise to describe,
When Heart and Mind Dance in the Ecstasy…

Of Astounded, Lucid, Confusion.


Read by Darshan Ward


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