Thursday, March 29, 2018

Yoka daishi - Meaning of the Unborn

The Great Master Ch'en Chui, (Yoka daishi), arrived at Tsao Ch'i carrying a gourd and wearing a bamboo hat. He circumambulated three times the master's seat. Striking his monk's staff down once, he stood proudly before him.

The Sixth Ancestor, (Huineng) said,
"Monks must keep the three thousand deportments and eighty thousand rules of minor conduct. Where does this venerable one come from that he is so proud?"

Ch'en Chui said,
"The matter of Birth and Death is great, impermanence is closing in fast."

The Ancestor said,
"Why don't you experience no-arising and understand that which does not move?"

Ch'en Chui replied,
"Experiencing is the non-arising state, understanding is originally unmoving."

The Ancestor said,
"Right, that's how it is."

After a moment Ch'en Chui moved to leave, and the Ancestor asked,
"Aren't you leaving a bit too fast."

Ch'en Chui answered,
"Originally I am unmoving, how can it be too fast?"

The Ancestor asked,
"Who is it who knows this not-moving?"

Ch'en Chui answered,
"You're the one giving rise to discrimination."

The Ancestor said,
"You understand the meaning of the Unborn. Stay over for one night."

 excerpt from "The Transmission of the Lamp, the Record of the Lives and Sayings 
of the Great Chan Masters in China", which was made available by Anzan Hoshin roshi

 (Yoka Daishi 665-713) 

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