Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Georgi Y. Johnson - Free fall into silence

art Franz Sedlacek (1891-1945)

 A free fall into silence:

Falling into silence that is always here.
Here, before, between and behind every word.
Standing here, the demons fly on chariots of fear,
lest it consume them.
Here, before, during and after all dreaming
and all that was ever thought
and all that will ever be spoken.

Here, behind the cries of children and laughter of lovers,
birthing one human and preceding and outliving it all.

Here, into the silence, safely falling,
into the arms of an ancient mother,
the one that never abandons,
the one for whom time and happening, life and death
are ripples on a timeless sea.

And soon, the silence is a rhythm.
Is it the beating of your heart, oh mother?

And between the beats, a deeper quiet,
between, before and behind each mite of light.
Before, through and beyond this creative flow,
Unmoving, yet more alive than the planet itself.

Listening in the silence, we meet the One,
merging for a moment and becoming all.

Emerging again in human form,
before, behind and within
every venture to the silent heart of matter.

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