Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Wei Wu Wei - Neither bound nor free

In this dream we call life it is nearly taken for granted
that each of us possess the ability to exercise volition as manifested in our actions.
Yet, in truth, our presumed phenomenal identities react rather than act
and our way of life is primarily a series of reflexes conditioned by instinct, fashion, and propaganda.

Search as we may for an entity that exercises volition
and all we can find is a somewhat vague, indefinable impulse.
It would seem unjustifiable to assume that this impulse
is capable affecting the process of manifestation;
it is more likely that the impulse is an element of manifestation.
 As such, it has often been noted by philosophers and endorsed by metaphysicians,
that we are entirely ‘lived’ and the concept of volition is but an illusory inference.

That is why Buddha has repeatedly stated in the Diamond Sutra,
we are not volitional entities.
We are a knowing or in-seeing, devoid of any trace-element of objectivity,
neither bound nor free.


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