Sunday, August 6, 2017

Andy Petro - Oneness

I remember being a child
No older than four or five
I tried to teach my parents
The wonders of being alive
I talked about the Oneness
And how it connected us all

The Light was essential to our being
Hidden in the eyes of the great and small
I remembered being in the Light
Consumed by unconditional love
Celebrating being unique pieces
Of the infinite, loving Light above
I am a holographic fragment
Of the Oneness contained in the Light

We are all vibrating in that Oneness
It gives us universal, loving insight
I was confused in three-dimensional space
Separation and judgment were taught to me
Fear and hatred were the rule of the day

I searched for the Light to set me free
When I returned from my earth-death
My beliefs and memories were at odds
I wandered the earth for many years
Searching for the Light in many gods

In the silent space between my thoughts
My truth and the Light’s truth became one
A smile of unconditional love was on my face
As I filled with the Light—
My long journey is done.

-  Andy Petro - Alive in the Light: Remembering Eternity


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