Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sandy Jones - Divine light

moon “Luna” by Evelyn De Morgan (1885).

 Love leaves the confines of ideologies, doctrines, dogma and the restricting limitations of regulations and rules. Love is freedom. Love makes it easy to see in new ways. It opens the heart to expansive vistas, to freedom. Love and freedom go hand-in-hand. Love and Reality resides right here as the very Identity I am. Each of us can put ourself here because this unbound Self, this tranquility, this joy, this peace and beauty is your Identity as well.

A rush of passion celebrates the joy of this simple, everyday existence of my being, of life, this marvelous magic that is being me. I am this living mystery of ever-flowering beauty. The moonlight song ten thousand fathoms deep is a fact quite plenty enough for me.

I’m filled with this awe and wonder that is living here in the middle of an infinity of myself.  Life is an enigma, a mystery so extraordinary, veiled in the soft pink light of the ordinary.

How marvelous this goodness of God’s love is.  I am a million joys, living irresponsibly and aimless, carried by this river of fearless love that upholds me.

It is not mine to tell others what to do. Mine is this wind blown freedom of an irresistible and effortless joy.  Mine is a deep, blue lake, reflecting the periwinkle sky. My heart hears the sounds of happy laughter, here, in the silvery moonlight, where the children and the fairies play.

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