Saturday, July 15, 2017

Rumi - I Swear By You

 I am all in a frenzy again,
That way I swear by you.
I tear off the bounds you bind me with,
I swear by you.

I am crazy enough to tie up demons.
I speak to the birds, I am Solomon.
I swear by you.

I do not want this fleeting life.
You are my precious life.
I do not want a gloomy soul.
You are my soul.
I swear by you.

When you hide from me I am all darkness and unbelief.
When you reappear, I am a believer.
I swear by you.

Drinking water from the jug, I saw your image
And regretted every breath I took without you.
I swear by you.

On the highest heaven, without you
I am broody like a gloomy cloud.
In a rose garden without you, I am in a prison.
I swear by you.

Let me declare in love
That He is the lion and I am the deer.
But a deer that guards lions.
I swear by you.

The Sama to my ear is your name.
That, to my brain, is your cup.
Build me up, for I am in ruins.
I swear by you.

In church and mosque, you are my aim.
Wherever you turn, I turn.
I swear by you.

My Master, my guide, my pain and my cure.
I live in your love.
My Master.
My God.

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