Friday, July 28, 2017

Lotlot Diaz - Silence

The silence after a frenzied riot,
After a terrible shooting fray,
After the noise of neighbors quarrel,
After a furious, explosive day...
This is the silence man longs for.

The silence of a wife o'er a partners death,
Of the rich whose wealth has turn to ashes,
Of a maiden whose lover has left for battles,
Of a gambler over gigantic losses...
This is the silence of grief accursed.

The silence of an adoring lover,
Of a zealot over an obsession,
Of one marveling at great wonders,
Of a dreamer gazing at illusions...
This is the silence of discovery.

The silence of a thief hemmed in by cops,
Of a warrior trapped in a war arena,
Of a seaman forsaken in a sinking vessel,
Of a chief of state midst a coup d'etat...
This is the silence of fear and terror.

There's a silence that is comforting,
There's a silence of doubts and fears,
There's a silence of deep regretting,
There's a silence of grief and tears...
But the silence that is needed,
For wisdom to thrive and unfold,
Is that which enables man to listen,
For this is the silence that is gold...
This is the silence we need most. 

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