Thursday, July 27, 2017

Joseph S. Benner -The impersonal life



To you who read, I speak.
To you, who, through long years and much running to and fro, have been eagerly seeking, in books and
teachings,  in  philosophy  and  religion,  for  you  know  not  what  ---Truth,  Happiness,  Freedom,  God;
To you whose Soul is weary and discouraged and almost destitute of hope;
To you, who many times have obtained a glimpse of that "Truth" only to find, when you followed and tried
to  reach  it,  that  it  disappeared  in  the  beyond,  and  was  but  the  mirage  of  the  desert;
To you, who thought you had found it in some great teacher, who was perhaps the acknowledged head of
some Society, Fraternity or Religion, and who appeared to you to be a "Master," so marvelous was the
wisdom he taught and the works he performed; -- only to awaken later to the realization that that "Master"
was but a human personality, with faults and weaknesses, and secret sins, the same as you, even though
that personality may have been a channel through which were voiced many beautiful teachings, which
seemed to you the highest "Truth;"
And  here  you  are,  Soul  aweary  and  enhungered,  and  not  knowing  where  to  turn  ---
To you, I AM come.
Likewise to you, who have begun to feel the presence of that "Truth" within your Soul, and seek the
confirmation  of  that  which  of  late  has  been  vaguely  struggling  for  living  expression  within;
Yes, to all you who hunger for the true "Bread of Life," I AM come.
Are you ready to partake?
If so, then arouse yourself. Sit up. Still your human mind and follow closely My Word herein spoken. Or you
will  turn  away  disappointed  once  more,  with  the  aching  hunger  still  in  your  heart.
Who am I? ---
I, Who speak with such seeming knowledge and authority?
I AM You, that part of you who IS and KNOWS;
And always knew, and always was.
Yes, I AM You, Your SELF; that part of you who says I AM and is I AM;
That transcendent, innermost part of you which quickens within as you read, which responds to this My
Word, which perceives Its Truth, which recognizes all Truth and discards all error wherever found. Not that
part which has been feeding on error all these years.
For  I  AM  your  real  Teacher,  the  only  real  one  you  will  ever  know,  and  the  only  MASTER;
I, your Divine SELF.

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