Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Nan Merrill - Silence

In silence and solitude you will come to meet the Beloved of your heart.
For Silence is power, the power of the Divine Lover blessing and transforming you.
Seek always the Eternal Flame ever shining in your heart,
and let yourself be nourished and refreshed in the Silence.


Silence is a doorway
into the heart of reality;
to cultivate a silent heart
is to discover your deepest truth.

 We come to know the power of Silence
In deep meditation; here,
True Wisdom emerges silently,
Rising up from the Mystery
Of the unseen Source within all.


 Silence and music
Ebb and flow:
Beauty of bird-song,
The silence that follows:
Afterglow which warms the heart
Sets us yearning
For our own soul-song:
Journey in silence
Take the path of Mystery
To the music of your heart.

Basking in solitude, Silence is
the Friend who stills
lurking desires, as
Wisdom cuts through tangled
webs of illusion.
Meditation lights the Flame.


Be still. In the silence become empty,
let us create space for Holy Wisdom
to enter in and through us,
expanding our horizons.

Here we will be peaceful, calm, in harmony
with the universe,
in unity with all beings.


 Breathing mindfully helps you to enter deep, inner silence ...

 In deepest meditation
the mind now utterly still
Truth reveals itself...


 Journey into Silence;
blessings await you there.



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