Thursday, June 29, 2017

Grace - Homeward

 "And the mists that dance upon the sea
veil not the shimmering stars
that we may also unveiled be
to who we truly are...
and how we came to be upon this distant shore.

I will sing to you of a world awakening
and how we journeyed through the night
 to bring the dawn...
Ancient sojourners from the stars are we
standing upon the threshold
where earth meets sky and sea
and day meets night,
at a doorway opening Homeward
into passages of Light...."

" Far amidst the shining stars my heart of light
does rest...
in Christed love a form is born
to magnify the One...
Within the heart of the All are vast universes
Within the depths of Human hearts a ceaseless
tender yearning
reaches up to touch the stars,
to touch and melt and merge in light
toward a Radiant Sun, the Eternal One,
shining beyond the night.

Close your eyes in gentleness,
to the stillness once more find your way...
breathe a breath of gentle peace
and let all the world fall away...
The stars are calling you Home
to the starry heavens within,
the angels are calling you Home
to the One you have always been..."

"And if I were to tell you
that the world has no existence
outside of your mind,
could you bear the brilliance of your
own light~
could you look into the face of God
and realize you are That...?"


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