Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Charlie Hayes - Where does Presence begin?

Where does Presence begin?

Have you ever noticed that everything that appears and disappears arises Presently?

Have not you ever noticed that it is always now now now?
Have you ever been out of the now in actual experience rather than in concept?

If you think you have been out of the now is not that thinking happening now?
There is something changeless, is not there? Does the now ever change? Where does now began?

Just simply notice where does presence began? Where does it end? Just noticed this right now.
When else could you notice it? The Unchanging now is ever present and always completely fresh. Is it not?

Enlightenment is simply noticing that you are always in this presence,
and that this presence has never changed one iota. Super simple. Got it?

So keep it simple seeker! Kiss! Can you really argue your way out of now?
Katie really dispute that it is always now? This simple presence, suffused with awareness, is your true nature.
Even if you argue against it, that does not change it. Super simple. Got it?

I could go on and on with this, but I trust you got the point. Actually, the pointer.
What we’re pointing to is what is always so. As the sage Lao Tzu put it, to know the always so is to be illumined.
Does awareness ever change? Where is awareness began?
Can you find a beginning or an end to awareness? So simple.

You are that!


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