Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sri Anandamayi Ma - Longing for the Divine

The sense of separation between God and man has continued to exist at all times.
God is ever ready to receive man with open arms.
But man, entangled in the meshes of his karma is not aware
of God's presence within him and, as if blind, neither sees nor even seeks Him.
Yet, when the individual becomes engrossed in the search after the Divine,
that very pain of separation becomes the causeway leading to union and thereby the floodgates of Bliss are released.
The hope of union itself is even more delightful than union itself.
With increasing faith and devotion one exults ever more in this hope until one's yearning and supplications bring about fulfillment.
Have you ever observed how in the mountains birds are calling to each other from two different summits without any cessation?
They hear each other's call quite well but derive so much satisfaction out of this love play from a distance, that they never fly near each other.
Calling out to God gives itself relief from the temporary pangs of separation.
The sense of want and absence is very necessary indeed.
The strong impetus to struggle on, aroused by the anguish of being divorced from God,
can never be induced by the recognition that the search after Truth is man's duty, ever aware of your emptiness, try to fill it by intense aspiration.
The deeper you become absorbed in thoughts of Him, the more will your growing longing
for the Divine avert your interests from all other pursuits and bring about complete self-surrender.

Excerpt from small book 

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