Monday, April 24, 2017

Naomi Stone - This mystery...

 Since I became aware
of the great mystery of love
I see how the moving ways
of such a shape shifting catalyst
becomes an infusion
of energy
bringing the human form
to life
and how the light dances
through us
turning the universe
into an explosion of colors

My gaze
hovers gratefully on
the wonder of how it falls
into patterns like a kaleidoscope
in this turning world
shaping life into
never ending manifestations
of wonder..

As my awareness grows
it heightens my sense
of the process
of creating
and I feel
the Source
of the living Presence
within this beauty
streaming life
and breath to empower
our becoming..

The expanding revelation
ripens into
a feeling of belonging
as an offspring
of the creator
and the incredible
inclusiveness of evolving
from lover to Beloved
giving deeply to create
a world...somehow
a new spring opens
within us.

To try and explain such a miracle
is beyond our abilities
so we begin to live
into this mystery
of belonging
and opening to the truth
of great love as
our reason for being
as we perfectly
spiral into deep vibrations
of Joy
and the sacred
of why we are here.

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