Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Marianne Broug - The green temple

I was wandering today
amidst the busy-ness
of my life,
wondering how it is
that so many must hold
this world with a restlessness such as this
in their hearts.

And then,
quite by chance,
I found
your temple.

I wondered if perhaps I was
too full of my everyday concerns,
to intrude.
But you saw me
and with opening arms
invited me in.
Of course. Of course.

I was captivated
by the beauty of my surrounds:
the vaulted ceilings,
the domes, the arches, the pillars,
the breathtaking
tapered walls,
the white mosaic
amidst the green and delicate design.

So many times I have entered
this place,
blind to your work.

But here, here, here,
Here you are.
Always here.
If only I would look.

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