Saturday, April 1, 2017

Jiddu Krishnamurti - This is the only hour you are living

"Sir, try it. Live for one day, one hour, as though you were going to die, actually going to die the next hour.
If you knew you were about to die, what would you do?
You would gather your family together, put your money, your little property in order, and draw up a will;
and then, as death approached, you would have to understand all that you had been.
If you were merely frightened because you were dying, you would be dying for nothing;
but you would not be frightened if you said, “I have lived a dull, ambitious, envious, stupid life,
and now I am going to wipe all that totally from my memory, I am going to forget the past and live in this hour completely.”

Sir, if you can live one hour as completely as that, you can live completely for the rest of your life.
But to die is hard work - not to die through disease and old age, that is not hard work at all.
That is inevitable; it is what we are all going to do, and you cushion yourself against it in innumerable ways.
But if you die so that you are living fully in this hour, you will find there is an enormous vitality,
a tremendous attention to everything because this is the only hour you are living.
You look at this spring of life because you will never see it again;
you see the smile, the tears, you feel the earth, you feel the quality of a tree, you feel the love that has no continuity and no object.
Then you will find that in this total attention the ‘me’ is not, and that the mind, being empty, can renew itself.
Then the mind is fresh, innocent, and such a mind lives eternally beyond time."

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