Sunday, April 16, 2017

Eloratea - Silent Benediction

It came unexpectedly.
Descending from the unseen regions,
above the highest mountain tops,
behind the distant and cold realms of immense, white glaciers,
from the hidden abode of the Light of the world,
as in just one spread of invisible, mighty wings;

And It came down silently.

And silence came upon the whole field,
gentle, but profound, even substantially perceptible in its insubstantiality.
Firstly touching, than embracing and uplifting everything in its strong hold;
Standing in itself without any support,
extending without limits, in all directions and dimensions.   
And peace and serenity suffused the field,
releasing like fragrance, feeling of timeless freedom and great joy.
And everything was coming out of that silence,
returning back to it;
As one seamless, dynamic landscape,
unfolding from one eternal fountain,
as one weightless filed of life,
one unobstructed and ceaseless refraction of Light.


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