Friday, March 24, 2017

MysticSaint Sadiq Alam - Uncertainty Paradox

 You told me, there is so much uncertainty!
replied i, uncertainty is part of this reality.

Master of Great Silence whispers within:
follow the path diligently
that leads to deeper and unknown trails
into the Universe of Uncertainty.

take hand of the Master of Uncertainty
Who will lead you to the deepest forest,
leaving you totally bewildered and lost.

immersed in total uncertainty
look nowhere to find a way out, but
leave all to Him Who brought you here
in the first place. There is no other way.

for a split second, let not your heart sway.
be baffled but hold fast with total trust.

behold the mystical paradox that says:
only (realizing) Total Uncertainty (within)
will take you to the point of Total Certainty.

In remembrance of the Great Beloved Who brings inspiration & illumination into the inner heart

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