Friday, January 20, 2017

Wu Hsin - Ultimate understanding

My Master Wu Hsin,
What is your ultimate understanding?
Steadfast Chao Li Ma, the Master replied,
Wu Hsin speaks only to those who are
Truly prepared to listen and
He believes you have such preparation.
Now listen:
You begin to understand when
There is no longer any demand for understanding.
There is no way to ‘get’ it and
No 'one’ who 'gets’ it.
The standard that has been
Instilled in you is false.
Consider, what could be the outcome of a notional 'you’
Practicing to eliminate a notional 'you’?
How can an individual be interested in liquidating itself?
You’ve become confused,
Like a man trying to dilute the ocean.
It is erroneous to believe that you,
As a being, are separate from Being.
You’re confused.
Your true nature is not a state.
All states are phenomenal whereas what you are is not.
It is ever always so.
You are that which knows that
You are conscious.
Practices that are intended to
Produce altered states, improved states, will never
Produce that which is prior to any state.
These are all desire-satisfaction practices,
They are as useless as
Cold candles in the dark.
It is all self-centered, self-driven activity.
Searching is of a self,
By a self and for a self
Always in search of confirmation and reassurance.
It is the very thing you want to be free from,
This idea of being a person.
Can’t you see that
You are bound by ropes of your own weaving?
You’re confused.
Searching is only for the confused.
You are like a man without fire
Gathering wood for cooking.
Insecurity arises out of
Depending on something that is insecure itself.
This 'I Am’ is with you wherever you are,
Whenever you are.
Overlooking it, you’re confused.
You’ve confined yourself to some conscious enclosure.
Believing that the body is you,
You’re self-imprisoned in a four-walled cell of
Intellect, mind, body, and senses.
You believe that the cell doors are locked.
Finding a perverse pleasure in your incarceration,
You make every effort to perpetuate it.
However, Wu Hsin is here to point out that
No escape need be engineered from
A prison with unlocked doors.
Nothing can set you free
Because you’re already free.
You’re only confused.
The protagonist is imagined.
You’re confused and
Your self indulgence is
The outcome of this confusion.
Being a spiritual person is only
Another set of garments the self puts on.
As bright sunlight is to the bat,
The self is to those who are clear-eyed.
Needs are organic whereas
Wants are self-centric.
Stay conscious of this rule and
Self-centered activity will never mislead you.
The world has no existence
Apart from you.
The world you experience is a point of view,
Your point of view.
It has no more validity than another’s point of view,
Contrary to what you tell yourself.
It is a limited and distorted view.
Conscious beings and the world are coincident.
Together, they constitute Being.
There is no seer, no seen.
There is only the Seeing Itself,
The Seeing of Being.
It is that which cannot be known
Because there is no 'other’ to know it.
It is that which can be found only where
There is neither presence nor absence.
This Being Conscious Presence is Its Expression.
Discern that in every waking moment,
There is the direct experience of this Being Conscious Presence.
Such a clear apperception of your true nature is not gradual,
Not dependent on time.
It doesn’t take time.
Apperception is intemporal.
You are the answer to
Your every question.
Yours is the freedom of
A house without walls.
Firmly rooted and established in
The intuition of your authentic nature,
You are ungraspable,
Like space.
Just as you cannot know
The tartness of a lime by touching it,
You cannot know your essential condition by reason alone.
Both must be tasted.
You can remain in the dark and
Never see your shadow or
You can enter into the sunlight and
See the shadow for what it is, Chao Li Ma.
If you insist on searching,
Then, at least, search for
The presumed entity who is searching.
In so doing, you will find
What you have never lost.
There is in you,
The Great Potential.
Ignite an inner fire, Chao Li Ma;
The larger your fire,
The sooner your water boils.

 Whether Wu Hsin is fictional or not
and those are Roy Melvyn's writings is none of my concern.
I just happen to like them.
That's all there is to it.
Om Shanti.


  1. I love this post! Thank you for sharing dear friend.
    Peace Be with You Always... Namaste'

  2. Thank you Tom...Love Infinite...♥