Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rupert Spira - Advaita

Advaita, Non-Duality, is not a bland whitewashing
of all the individual elements in each of our characters.
In fact, it is rather the opposite.
‘Individual’ means undivided.
Individuality is the unique expression of the undivided whole,
which each body/ mind expresses, and it tends to flourish
rather than diminish when we are relieved of the straitjacket of ignorance
–that is, when we stop ignoring our Self.
Similarly, Non-Duality is not an immunisation against feeling.
In fact, it is the opposite.
It is complete openness, sensitivity, vulnerability and availability.
Actually, suffering is our resistance to feeling, rather than a feeling itself.
So we don’t try to use this Understanding.
We allow it to use us.
We allow it to shape our life.
We don’t put it into another straitjacket and dictate how it should operate.
Consciousness is absolute Freedom.
We allow this Freedom to express itself as it will,
how it will, where it will and when it will.
In one body/ mind this might take the shape of a character
that is quiet and sensitive, whilst in another
it may express itself in a wild and exuberant way.
We should not be misled by appearances.
It is the attitude of inner freedom that is the hallmark of Understanding,
and this attitude of inner freedom
uses all possible means of expression and communication.

Rupert Spira

From the transparency of things


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