Sunday, January 8, 2017

Chuck Surface - A simple man

“You must always remain a simple man,
A simple man, leading a simple life.” my Baba said.

“You will not push yourself out.
Writing a book, printing flyers, renting a hall,

And throwing the doors open,
For all who pass by.

Those who Love will be… pulled,
And will come to take tea and chat.

You will not sit ‘in front’ of a group,
But only, always, ‘across’ from a Friend,

Fellow Lovers on the Way of the Heart…
Bathed in the Perfume of The Beloved.

You will not express, assertively,
The Grace you have received…

They will tell you,
When they feel its Radiance.

Only then… you may speak.

But you needn't speak,
To inform or instruct.

You needn't speak at all.

Only The Beloved's Presence is required…
To Invoke what words can never convey.

And in time, through Grace,
As you have received…

They will become… like you!

And in all of this, all of this
You will remain, always…


A simple man.”

And so should we all remain.


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