Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wu Hsin - Instruction on What-Is

My child,
Put an end to your dissatisfaction
With what is merely apparent,
With what seems to be.

You squander so much energy by
Trying to change what seems to be,
To mold and manipulate what seems to be into
Some better what seems to be,
Some new what seems to be,
Some improved what seems to be, into
What you believe what seems to be ought to be.

Know this:
Imagining doesn't end when dreaming ends.
The arrival of sensations doesn't end imagining.
Rather, it produces enhanced imagining,
Something more vivid, more seemingly real.
But what seems to be is not What-Is.
Being is momentary,
Always spatiotemporal,
Whereas What-Is is changeless,

Now listen to Wu Hsin.
These words, like wind-driven rain on rock, will
Wear away all your beliefs,
All your misconceived notions and ideas.

What is What-Is?
It is the Never Not So,
The Always Already The Case,
The Highest Principle,
The Absolute,
The Most Natural,
The Nearest,
The Everlasting,
The Evershining,
The Inescapable,
The True,
The Uncaused Cause,
The Unrecognizable,
The Imperishable,
The Immaterial Raw Material,
The Center Without Circumference,
The Unspeakable Transcendental Disposition,
The Native Condition,
The Leftover, that which remains when
Everything has been removed.
It is to where fire returns,
Once it's been extinguished.
It is That Fullness Overflowing with Emptiness,
To which nothing can attach,
Which neither comes nor goes,
Which sires the outer, the inner and all duality,
Which can be neither found nor lost, and
Which all descriptions fail to describe.
It can be said to be
The Silence immanent in the voice or
The All, yet nothing in particular or
The Shapeless immanent in the formed or
The Spotless immanent in the spots or
The Real immanent in the imagined or
The Limitless immanent in the limited or
The Universal immanent in the particular or
The Everywhere, without location,
Not even the Beyond or
The Unmanifest, parent to manifestation or
Oneness, no other or
The Depth out of which individuation arises or
The Pure Existence immanent in being or
The Continuous immanent in the discontinuous or
Love immanent in any separate beloved or
The Unconditioned immanent in all conditional representations or
The Unmoving, out of which all flows or
The Unobstructed immanent in the obstructed or
The Invisible immanent in the visible or
The Most Fundamental, neither secondary nor tertiary or
The Unchanging immanent in the changeful or
Luminosity immanent in all things illuminated or
The Infinite immanent in any finite expression or
The Permanent immanent in any phenomenon or
The Immeasurable immanent in the measureable or
The Most Prior, antecedent to everything, even beingness,
It being that which makes Being possible and beings possible.
The Intemporal, out of which time emerges or
The Eternal Ever Is, inexperiencable or
The Beginningless, sourcing all beginnings or
The Stateless immanent in states or
The Background, never the foreground or
The Nameless, that which Wu Hsin has herein sought to name.

Give these words your profound consideration.
Don't just file them away in memory.
Rather, swim through them,
Bathe in them,
Immerse yourself.

Eyes-wide-open sight is available in every moment.
Discrimination between What-Is and the seeming is sufficient.
Intuit this, my child, and trust.
Once the tree is set afire,
The outcome is inevitable.
The flame, if unimpeded, will consume it.

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