Monday, October 10, 2016

Ilie Cioara - The Listener


Each person carries within himself a cunning listener:

An arrogant intruder, annoying and nagging;

His presence obstructs listening, which is purity,

Complete understanding, clear serenity.

When real listening occurs, the whole being is passive,

Attentive, perfectly open, silent therefore inactive;

There are no expectations, nothing to be accomplished,

In its wholeness ‒ alert listening.

Is it really possible to experience such a state?

You will find the answer within yourselves, after persistent attempts;

Do not despair at any time, for in each of us are written

Endless possibilities ‒ clear, certain and precise.

Entertain no doubts, put your whole energy

Into this crucial achievement. Do not reject

Anything you hear. Encounter everything

With an open being - be one with what you listen to!

If what you hear is false, the false does not affect you;

It passes you by, it does you no harm.

If what you hear is the Truth, in that Sublime moment,

The wall of the “self” is pierced ‒ in you, there is a moment of light.

By persevering in listening, the old man starts to crumble

And one day ‒ a surprise day ‒ all mysteries are revealed;

When the individual is liberated, he attains Immensity,

The Supreme realization ‒ being one with Totality.

A natural question appears: How does the listener come to exist?

How does he create an erroneous way of listening?

He is, in fact, a fiction, which appears automatically

From the thought processes of the personal “self”.

Notice how the listener becomes self-important

And regards the world with disdain and arrogance.

Behold, someone is speaking. He immediately barges in

Distorting every meaning. Listening stops.

When there is a listener who criticizes and accuses,

The individual listens to the self and acts through the self.

The connection is broken, each encounter is empty,

Thus it is impossible to reach Truth or Love.

Knowing this, another question follows:

How can we escape from its influence?

Every time it appears ‒ encounter it

With a total attention, without any imaginary purpose.

This silent meeting dissolves it, totally,

What is left is pure listening, integrated in the present;

Listening ‒ watching are not different from one another,

They operate the same way ‒ in every circumstance of life.

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