Thursday, October 27, 2016

Gilbert Schultz - Effortless

        The entire weightlessness of the universe moves upon empty space, as the expression of this incredible lightness of being. Lighter than a feather, the universe moves with great ease, reality itself. The harmonious symphony of the spheres and spirals like music, move on and on. The art of falling towards a moving attractor is expressed silently and faultlessly by planets and moons.

    A machine? A living dynamic display of intelligence? Who can make the judgement? A machine? Intelligence?

    Theories pop up like flowers in a meadow.

    Do not be concerned about who you are. Do not be concerned about what you are. You are and in that there is no doubt.

    Find that which you cannot doubt and rest as that.

    It is not difficult. It is effortless.

    Don’t struggle with the mind. Let the mind, or thought, be just as it is. Do not set up residency in the mind.

    All that appears in mind is transient, fleeting. That which mind appears upon is changeless.

    The changeless is always here, here before the spontaneous appearance of the body…. or mind.


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