Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fred LaMotte - God sings you. Sing back!

unknown artist

"I have found, yes, I have found the wealth of the Divine Name’s gem. My true guru gave me a priceless thing. With his grace, I accepted it." ~Mirabai

"Breathe the name of God, empty of self and filled with love." ~Rumi

O mind, rest in the radiant Name.
Sing the melody of God, O lips,
and take the very form of divinity.
How can I ever be lost
when I wander in the Word
that created the world?
Wherever I go, I have returned.
Needing no vessel, I am the wine;
needing no seven-stringed lyre,
I am the music;
needing no filament, I am
the electrical Shakti that flows
through every creature's wing and fur.
My rosary is a broken thread.
It's beads have scattered like stars.
I became the silence between them
by dissolving God's Name
into my heartbeat.
Why this burden of a "path"?
Am I not the goal?
Rest in your source, O mind.
Be an acorn fallen in a meadow.
Grow into an oak
with no effort at all!
Though the sins of your past may be countless
as the sands of the sea,
they cannot find you!
For the sound of Love has born you
far beyond this world
into the echo-less empty sky.
Ride that wind
where only soaring creatures may come
to play with lightning!
Here's the secret, Friend:
The Beloved names you,
so that you may name
the Beloved.
God sings you.
Sing back!

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