Friday, September 16, 2016

Kavita Byrd - Re-Uniting Spirit and Matter

Interconnection and Oneness

We live in a unified web of life, an interconnected field of Consciousness, energy, and matter. Our true nature is that Consciousness, the unified Source from which everything else flows—the manifestation of this world, including our bodies and all that surrounds them. There is no actual boundary between ‘inner’ and ‘outer.’ This means that everything we do touches the whole Universe and vice versa. We cannot isolate ourselves either way.

Today especially, when our mistaken sense of separation has driven us to a life of great fragmentation and conflict, we need to start living again from the Source that connects us all, invoking its unity, harmony, and beauty into all levels of our being, our psyche, and our society. This is the fundamental basis of the personal and global healing that is so much needed today, which will bring us home to our true Wholeness.

The spirit of interconnection and Oneness permeates the whole Kosmos; all of our outer systems, no less than our inner ones, need to reflect and embody this. The same core truth of interdependence and Oneness that exists at the spiritual level applies also to the material level, the bio-systems of our body, the ecosystems in which we live, as well as our social, energy, and economic systems. Because it is the true nature of all that exists—that cuts across all divides—not only our spiritual worldview but also our cultural, economic, ecological, and energy structures all need to reflect the spirit of interconnection and Oneness if we are to live in a truly healthy global society.

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