Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Mind Of Krishnamurti

So, when the mind is still, not made still by self-discipline, control, by greed to experience something which is not of the mind, when the mind is really still, then you will find that there comes a state which brings a revolution in our outlook, in our attitude. This revolution is not brought about by the mind , but by something else. For this revolution to take place, the mind must be quiet; it must be literally as nothing, stripped, empty; and I assure you, it is not an easy job. That emptiness is not a state of daydreaming; you cannot get it by merely sitting still for ten hours or twenty four hours of the day and trying to hold on to something. It can come only when the mind has understood its own processes, the conscious as well as the unconscious- which means one must be everlastingly aware. And the difficulty for most of us is inertia. That is another problem which we will go into now. But the moment we begin to inquire and see the importance of change, we must go into all this. That means we must be willing to strip ourselves of everything to find the other, and once we have even a slight glimmering of the other, which is not of the mind, then that will operate. That is the only revolution, that is the only thing that can give us hope, that can put an end to wars .

- J.Krishnamurti( Collected works, Vol-7, Ojai, 1952)

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