Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Meister Eckhart - Inner Temple

 Ahhh The Beloved rests in the Inner Temple,
What a joy it is to make that journey to greet Her.
Her light is so pure… so orgasmic!! 

Have you noticed?

The fact of experience itself being illuminated by the Inner light 
emanating from that Inner Temple?

Theologians of different tradition argue about Allah and Christ, Krishna and the like.
Why haven’t they just turned around?
It’s all the same light or else we wouldn’t even be able to quarrel!
They are seeking outward confirmations!!

Israel and The Jews are killing and starting wars to get to the ‘Promised Land’! Their ‘Promised Land’ they think it is here on Earth in a spatio-temporal location made up of elements? Don’t they realize that the Earth has a finite life? Their 'Promised Land’ will vanish!  No matter how much they fight, they cannot stop the expansion of the Sun into a Red Giant. And the Earth’s destruction with it.

Nay the true Promised Land is the Inner Temple within and it never vanishes for it is The Unborn. A mind turned outwardly finds division and particularity. A mind turned inwardly finds The Beloved as Consciousness illuminating all experience. I cry that there will be a time when we can realize this. Otherwise these religions are disgusting and promote nothing but more suffering and separateness in the world. 
It’s a battle of culture in which religion is mixed up in. 
Untangle religion and see how it is inseparable from spirituality which is the freedom to base your understanding of That Raw Creative Principle on your own experience, instead of having to force that experience to mold to your cultural religious tradition for fear of persecution as a lot of Mystics down the ages have had to do. “Theologians across the world argue endlessly. 

The Mystics speak the same language for they are all from the same country.” 


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