Friday, July 8, 2016

Jnaneshvar - Ever-content in Itself

Discarding the veil of duality
    And all the pairs of opposites,
    That alone remains
    In Its own blessed state.

    If a face does not look into a mirror,
    There is neither a face before it
    Nor behind it.
    Likewise, He is neither happiness nor misery,
    But pure Bliss itself.

    Even before the sugar cane is planted,
    The juice is within it;
    But its sweetness is unknown
    Except to itself.

    Pure Consciousness is beyond
    Both generalizations and particular statements;
    It remains ever-content in Itself.

    After such a discourse,
    That speech is wise
    Which drinks deeply of silence.

    Truly, there is neither bondage nor freedom;
    There is nothing to be accomplished.
    There is only the pleasure of expounding.


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