Monday, June 20, 2016

Sruti - God’s Piano of Watercolors

My life is a palette – a piano of watercolors
I am playing a melody that is painting a picture only of You
I can’t see your face, but I see with your sight
Painting from behind myself, I am playing Your song back to You

Always seeking-pushing-pulling-incomplete – let myself die in You
Stretch me to the edges, pull me at the seams
Expose the boundaries of me – the illusion of two

What else stands between You and me?
You are my only brother, only mother, only lover – You are my only
Erase what I have never been, so I may remember You as Me

The song, the image, the ode – all fall back to silence – the only tapestry
Your silence fills in all of the colors, reverberates at the center of sound
You are the masterpiece of what is already complete

I am here to see the face of God today
My life no longer belongs to me
So I stay in silence
as Your great masterpiece

With love,

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