Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mystic Meandering ~ The Kiss of The Mystery

There is an intimacy in deep Silence
that is indefinable, inexplicable, inexpressible
and hauntingly sublime...

A fluidity of
~ s p a c i o u s n e s s ~

A movement of Awareness,
a w a r e ~ i n g...

Everything is open

BE ~ ing ~ ness

There is depth and breadth,
yet no boundary.

There is substance and fullness
yet - Emptiness...
It is a subtle, rhythmic
the Unheard

surrounding, and filling
every crack and crevice of existence...
Unwinding the contractions
body and mind.

There is a "sanity" in this Silence
that bestows a soundness of heart through Grace
that is beyond mere mental comprehension ~
beyond cognition...

Finding the deeper Rhythm within
one loses a sense of "self"
and becomes
The Silence ~
Breathing ItSelf...
"knowing" it is

The Breath of the Infinite

The Whisper of Love

The Kiss of The Mystery


Mystic Meandering
June 2016

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