Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sandy Jones - Beyond limits

I write mystical songs of love unleashed. It’s all imaginary. Tell me one thing that isn’t? Every bit of it is imagination. That’s life; the mind of God. It’s all imagination. Everything.

God is beyond limits. Sweet imagination, divine, divine mind, unbeholden and not subject to matter or to me. Unknowable presence, imaginary visions being all and forever. What is the word for Something that is transcendent, unnamable, intangible and impossible for our minds to apprehend?

The heart knows. The tender, open heart knows.

My joy is this, the pure sweet pleasure of living this Mystery. I see nothing but infinity and I love to run here in the musical forest of wonder with my hair untied, free, my heart blowing in the wind. I love this.

It’s up to me to paint upon eternity as I want to. Imagine that. I want to paint it blue and green, like a sea of heaven. Sail a ship with red sails across the bay, while we drink icy, salty lime green margaritas of Gran Patron. Sails aloft with pink sky, as we glide aimless and easy on a turquoise sea of wonder, to laugh and sing out loud our fondest songs of love to each other. My songs touch the heart of your beauty as I sing them to you.

I Love you, always –

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