Monday, May 16, 2016

Robert Adams - The Cosmic Joke

We are nothing. You have no reason to exist.
As a matter of fact, you do not exist. (Laughter)
You have never really existed. It is all a cosmic joke.
There is no reason for you to be alive and to be here.
This may sound like an insult–it is! (More laughter)
But it is the truth and the truth hurts.
You may think you are important, that you have come to earth
to accomplish great deeds, or to get enlightened. That is not true.
The enlightenment is already here and it doesn’t need you.
You are not wanted by anything or by anybody. (Laughter)
You are a complete failure. (Loud laughter)
In truth you do not exist.
The illusion of your existence makes you think that
you are important, that you are somebody.
That is why we talk about being nobody so much; there is no body.
Yet, no matter how often I say this, you appear to be real.
You appear to have a body. You appear to go to work.
You appear to eat and sleep, and
believe the illusion is going to continue.
But as you know, soon you will be six feet under.
So what good are you? This is why it is important to wake up.
Yet, you are never asleep! So who wakes up?
Therefore, nothing is important.
You think some things are important.
So long as you think them important, you give them power,
increasing the power of living in things,
making you feel more and more–so called–alive.
The beginning of wisdom is understanding that there is no wisdom.
There is no body to have wisdom.
The more you try to analyze things,
the more you use your brain to function on this plane of existence,
the more you put into Maya, into nothing, into illusion,
the more that effort is inevitably doomed to failure.
All your dreams and aspirations come to nothing.
There is nothing you have to become or be.
Think of all the people looking for liberation, for enlightenment.
Who wants to be liberated? The ego.
There is no ego. (Laughter)
There is no one to be liberated.
Yet you continue to believe you exist.
Awakening is a joke. Liberation is a joke.
My sitting here talking to you is a joke.
There is nothing to be found, nothing to be achieved,
nothing to become.
You are attached to your mind and its false beliefs."


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