Monday, May 9, 2016

Naomi Stone - Gateway to heaven..

 O how can I share
my mesmerizing
night journeys
as a wayfaring wandering mystic…
timeless flight with
all boundaries falling into light..
when I become music..
flowing in rivers of sky blue water…
am kissed by sparking stars
scattering everywhere…
weaving garlands in my hair..
divine fingers in the wind
playing with my curls..
snowflakes on my toes…
a single touch sends me spinning
through galaxies
into spiraling arms of the sun….
hidden from everyone…
Love calls me where it will…
dissolving in thrill after thrill…
I laugh in the pure joy of it all….
quivering wings in hallowed air…
Perhaps one day…I will meet you there…….

 art Rassouli

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