Friday, May 20, 2016

N. A. Mohan Rao - Understanding Self-enquiry

Of the different methods for Self-realization, Self-enquiry may be said to be drawing an ever-increasing attention in modern times. The directness of its logic and the simplicity of its practice, so assiduously brought home to us by Bhagavan Ramana, induce us to attempt it in preference to other established methods. A great many fortunate ones succeed in making it their sole sadhana.
However, it appears that many among the lay adherents to Self-enquiry do not have an adequate comprehension of the method. They find it difficult to fathom the exact manner of enquiring into the origin of the I-thought.1 Some infer the right method correctly,but do not feel sure of it, as their experience does not seem to tally with what they read from books. So, they keep looking for alternatives instead of pursuing steadfastly the direct course that their intuition tells them is correct.
It is therefore advisable to obtain a proper understanding of the method before we start Self-enquiry.2 We will then realize that the practice puts us at once in sight of the ‘distant’ goal, much as a mountaineer obtains a glimpse of Mount Everest from afar through layers of mist and fog.3 There will be no more doubt as to our being on the right track, however long our practice may take for its fruition.4 An attempt is made here to present a detailed understanding of Self-enquiry in the light of the above. At first, an overview of the method is given, without going into the specifics of enquiring into the Self. These specifics pertaining to the inner core of practice are taken up in Part Two, based on the explanations given by Bhagavan, and with due note taken of the reported experiences and observations of some of Bhagavan’s foremost disciples...

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