Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hafiz - Love leads me

If love leads me to a musky, thick wine,
it must be what I need,
not some austere hypocrisy.

If everyone in the world
advised against my loving you
still I would.

One lives in the zikr circle
so that the round knot in the Beloved’s hair
will be undone.

The beautiful bride of the world approaches,
but not to marry anyone!

Watch. One bride leaves,
as another comes.

The cypress, the tulip,
a line of gowns.

We are beggars here,
but don’t ask what we’re begging for!
Whatever it is shows in our faces.

So I said to tease the beauty,
“My moon, if we kissed,
could I endure the love ?”

“Hafiz,” she laughed,
“ kiss on !
Your lips won’t stain the moon.”

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