Friday, May 13, 2016

Hafiz - Let us move beyond all place

Come, we will fill our cups with wine,
scatter roses to the wind,
let love raise the roof of heaven
and create a vision beyond our dreams.

Oh let us pour the dew of roses
in a clear vessel of crimson wine,
and fill the air with fragrance
of the sweetness of compassion.

O minstrel, play the music of joy
on the strings of our hearts.
Let us sing a litany of love songs
and turn our delight into dancing.

O wind of freedom, carry my dust
to the courts of heaven.
Let me glance upon the face
that wears the crown of all creation.

There are those who boast of wisdom,
and those who raise their voices to impress.
Let us surrender our fate
to the judgment and mercy of Love.

Come to the winehouse with us
if you desire a bliss beyond heaven,
for we shall guide you into
a fountain of eternal ecstasy.

In the world of place, they will
pay no reward for poetry or for
the songs streaming from our hearts!
Come Hafiz! Let us move beyond all place.


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