Monday, May 2, 2016

Clare Cameron - Earth and Water

I am green earth’s daughter,
Sister to wind and water
And fathered by the sun.
From an ancient magic
Fashioned was my fabric
Ere the flesh was spin.

Where the deer are running
Habitation shunning,
Swiftly through the glade,
With all shy and wild things
On powerful or bright wings
There my track is made.

White snow of December
And the glowing ember
Of the autumnal tree,
Stillness of the moonlight
And the grace of moth-flight
Also dwell in me.

Where the birds are questing
Find my spirit resting
In trackless path of sky,
The privileged partaker
Of Being, and my Maker,
In His breast to lie.

O beautiful, my kindred,
Come ye then, unhindered,
Passing through, yet free!
For there is no telling
The boundary of my dwelling
In far infinity.

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